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Ahmad Tea Fruit Selection

Ahmad Tea Fruit Selection

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Ahmad Tea Fruit Selection

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Ahmad Tea Fruit Selection

UGS SH399 Catégories , Étiquette
UGS SH399 Catégories , Étiquette


Ahmad Tea
Fruit Selection
20 x 2g

Our Fruit Tea Selection offers something of a fruit salad of our flavoured black teas.

It features four of our most popular blends:
Lemon & Lime Twist
Peach & Passion Fruit
Strawberry Sensation
Apple Refresh
For each blend our expert Tea Masters create a briskly robust blend of black teas from East Africa. We then add real fruit pieces and our exclusive fruit flavourings to each in order to create teas with blissfully authentic fruit flavours. From crisp, refreshing apple to sweet strawberry, and zesty citrus to exotic passion fruit, every blend offers a perfect balance between black tea and juicy fruit. That’s why we’ve been creating them for over 20 years.

You’ll find each teabag foil-wrapped, ensuring every brew reaches you full of flavour. The fruitiness of these blends makes them perfect for drinking hot or cold. Enjoy each brewed with just hot water for a refreshing twist on a classic black tea. Or for a more reviving option, try making them as iced tea. Steep the teabags with sugar and dilute with cold water and serve over ice. Adding fresh fruit will help to bring out the flavour of the tea, making perfect thirst-quenchers for hot afternoons and summer soirées.

Apple Refresh: Black tea, Apple flavouring, Apple

Peach & Passion Fruit: Black tea, Peach & passion fruit flavouring, Peach, Passion fruit

Strawberry Sensation: Black tea, Strawberry flavouring, Strawberry

Lemon & Lime Twist: Black tea, Lemon & lime flavouring, Lemon peel, Lime peel

Origin*: Malawi, Kenya


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